Las Vegas Plumber
Las Vegas Plumber

We are the full service plumber serving the Las Vegas area. Find out why residential and commercial clients are choosing our Las Vegas plumbing service. We will preform sewer repairs, water heater repairs and installation, repair broken water lines, relocate gas lines, re pipe your home if you have Kitec piping and more.

Las Vegas Water Heaters Installed and Repaired

You will usually call your local plumber for the first time when the water heater stops working or begins to leak. Our Las Vegas plumber staff wants you to take the time now to learn more about making hot water. Why? Because if all you do is shop for a water heater by price, you will pay too much in the long term. Cheap water heaters are not very energy efficient. That’s why they are cheap. They don’t have much insulation and their combustion technology is inferior. Do your homework. Call us and we can help.

Las Vegas Sewer Repair

Any time your sewer line is clogged you are experiencing a plumbing emergency. Backed up, blocked sewers are a health hazard. Sewer repair can shut down your business. We are aware of the impact to you and your family, so we will respond quickly and get the problem under control.

Emergency Plumbing Service for Las Vegas and Clark County

Call 702-924-2815. We answer our phones 24/7 and have plumbers on call nights, weekends and holidays to respond to your plumbing needs.